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Sunday, November 02, 2014


Special Standard Time Issue

Last night was "Fall Back" night when we gain an extra hour.  For a little while, my vampire schedule will get a break; I've been both leaving for work and returning in the dark.  For at least a week or so, the morning commute should now be in daylight.  But soon the shorter days will reimpose the vampire syndrome.  I'll be spending time in Washington each of the next two weeks, before a trip to beautiful Hollywood, Florida.  Lots of reading time in prospect, but not much blogging time, I fear.

So I have to remember to vote Tuesday before leaving for work and in New York, the State Senate races are where the action is.  Somehow in this bluest of big blue states, Republican district drawing artists manage to contrive to win about half or more of the Senate seats a lot of the time.  Even when they lost the majority in 2012, leader Dean Skelos somehow managed to convince a group of breakaway Dems to join his conference in a power sharing arrangement.  In the off years, like 2014, the GOP has a better chance to win the majority, and I think it will happen again this year.

The other interesting NY races are for Congress.  Two in particular have shown swings toward the GOP in late polling.  Though under indictment (not really that big a handicap in NY) Rep. Grimm seems to be on his way to holding his seat.  And on Long Island, state Senator Lee Zeldin appears to have the momentum to unseat Rep. Bishop.

Nationally, though there are a number of interesting governors' races, the real action is in the Senate where the GOP needs to gain 6 seats for a majority.  There are ten close races where the polling has generally shown leads within the margin of error.  In two of these, Kentucky and Arkansas, McConnell and Cotton appear to be pulling away.  Arkansas would constitute a flip, adding to West Virginia and Montana where the GOP will gain seats easily.  In the other 8 races, I predict Sen. Hagan will barely hold on for reelection in NC, and Independent Greg Orman (who says he will caucus with the majority, but I don't believe it, he will caucus with the Dems) looks like he will edge out Sen. Roberts to flip KS for the Dems.  The rest of the news looks bad for the Dems.  No matter what the polls show, I think Sullivan will win a close one in Alaska to flip that seat, and I also expect Republicans to flip Iowa and Colorado.  So that's net 5.  New Hampshire is coming in tied; Let's say Shaheen holds off Scott Brown (she might not).   That still leaves Georgia and  Louisiana, which both might go to runoff.  In Louisiana, once the Tea Party candidate is eliminated, Cassidy should beat Landrieux in the December two way.  Georgia is harder to call, but it looks like the Democrat Nunn peaked too early and has lost her momentum.  So I expect Republicans to gain 6-7 seats to gain the majority.  But these races are remarkably close and turnout will be a major factor, where the Dems have the better ground game but the Repubs have more enthusiasm.

In the House, the GOP should expand its majority to over 240 seats.  There are going to be interesting close races for Governor in Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Colorado, and maybe even Illinois. So, if you're a political junkie, open a bottle or two of wine and dig in for a long night this Tuesday.

Karrin Allyson headlines at Birdland November 11-15.  The singer's show was terrific the last time she appeared there.  If money's no object, come early on Wednesday (Louis Armstrong Eternity Band) or Friday (Birdland Big Band) for the 5:15 show and dinner.

What a mess in the Middle East.  As our air force ineffectively degrades ISIS (while Iran applauds), we are simultaneously on both sides and no side of the historic Shia/Sunni schism.  And who do we criticize?  Israel, the only democracy in the region and our only real friend there.  In short, we don't really seem to have any foreign policy at all, which is why Obama's approval ratings are in the toilet and why the Dems are headed for another mid-term meltdown (we think).

.Stocks are having a tumultuous fall as volatility has returned.  The traders love it, investors hate it, but the good news is that the Redwave portfolio is approaching its all time high again, a long way back from the gut wrenching swoon the market took. Here are the recent transactions:

Date        Symbol    Shares   Price      Comments

10/6         ALGN     50        48.76      building the position
10/7       BK.PR.C   100      22.88     Bank of NY preferred
10/13        KN         100      23.41     Value buy of falling knife
10/13       XYL        100      32.55     building this position too
10/14       TIP           20      114.02    But there is no inflation yet
10/15      SHLM      100      28.98    Value buy - good price
10/17    ALGN         50       45.80
10/20    WFC.PR.P 100      23.59    Wells Fargo preferred
10/22     KN            200      18.41   More value at this price
10/23     XYL          100      34.48  
10/27     TAI           100       20.68  
10/28     DVN           50       57.74   Energy issues pressured
10/29    ALGN          50       52.10
10/30    GLD             20       115.80  Buy gold when no one else wants it


10/15    PLP            1000      20    Preferred stock called away, $3,300 cap loss
10/31     B                 100     36.75   Paid 8.31 (adjusted for splits) on 3/22/99

Neither Redwave Musings not its author are investment advisers and the transactions listed here are not intended as guidance or recommendations.

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

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