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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Spring has Sprung

It's golf/baseball season, never mind that hockey and basketball still have over two months before they crown their champions in the heat of June. The weather turned and we got two rounds in over the weekend, and tomorrow will approach 90 degrees in New York as "global warming" temporarily reasserts itself. The Mets are 1-0 and all is right with the world.


Today, a Federal court came to the entirely sane decision that "net neutrality" as promoted by the out-of-control FCC is unconstitutional or at least not within their purview to enforce, as any conservative would have told them if they had bothered to listen (actually, the two conservatives on the FCC did). Of course the FCC majority, like most good Democrats, reviewed the decision, determined it was incorrect and vowed to pursue their policy objective nevertheless, never mind the illegality. We're getting pretty used to progressives (invariably, the smartest people in the room) ignoring decisions they don't like.

I realize there must be readers of this blog not as conservative as I, but aren't you getting the least bit embarrassed by Dems who week after week, on issue after issue, stare right into the camera and lie? Republicans may be a lot of things that are far from perfect, but as Hawkeye Pierce famously said, "we'll be the ones with our hands on the Bible."

Eventually, no matter how good your intentions, lying catches up with you in an open and free society, at least. Nixon could only lie for so long before his 60+% majority faded and he had to resign. Everyone knew Jimmy Carter lied about the honesty of the Chavez re-election and that sapped the credibility out of his election watchdog organization's work. People have a surprising ability to discern the truth. So said another fictional character, Paul Newman's hired expert witness in The Verdict, and the truth will out this November when a slaughter of epic proportion will occur, ending the Obama initiatives for all practical purposes.

Not a moment too soon, either, since this administration is bankrupting us at home, emasculating us internationally, and providing daily evidence supporting those crazies who have questioned from the beginning whether he really has US' best interest at heart.


Of course, such times bring out the right wing crazies too, and they are rarely in short supply, So we have the militia arrests, and who knows what else in front of us. The economic recovery looked a little stronger this week, but my sense is that the difficulties coming, with continuing unemployment, deflation followed by hyperinflation, and a taxation caused double dip recession, means further dislocation and unrest in our future.


That's the bad news. The good news is there's lots of great music around town, and plenty else to do in Fun City as summer approaches. Redwavemusings, will try to be upbeat and provide info and ideas about things to do in New York. We've also got a trip planned to Seattle in August so hopefully we can keep readers at least mildly interested.

This spring, over the next six weeks or so, we will be seeing the closing of two of Redwave's few favorite TV shows - "24" and "Cold Case." Both are tired and recycling plots, a sure sign that enough is enough, but it's been a great run for both. 24 is not really cut out to succeed in reruns, but you will have plenty of chances to see Cold Case. It's amazing how many shows I have discovered in syndication, the latest being The Office, one of the few shows that invariably leaves me laughing out loud.


This market is grinding upward slowly, climbing the wall of worry and rewarding the musings portfolio as it does. Whether we deserve it or not doesn't matter. On
March 31, we bought 200 shares of ENI (that's the symbol, not the company) at 19.83, a "zero buy." Then on 4/2, we sold 100 shares of Carmax (KMX) from the IRA at
25.94. The purchase price was 13.60 on 7/28/08. That was a buy that we made on formula and on faith. Ask yourself who was investing in car retailers that summer. That's why you take the emotion out of the game.

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