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Monday, February 18, 2008


Open That Bottle Night

It's most unusual for me to do two posts in one day, but I meant to finish the first post with a reminder that the last Saturday in February is Open That Bottle Night (OTBN), a creation of WSJ Friday wine columnists Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher. They are a married couple who write a wine column for those of us who love wine but aren't collectors and just drink it casually for sheer pleasure. Their point is that everyone has that bottle of wine that they never open because they are saving it for a special occasion that never comes. So it just sits there. Instead, they say, open that bottle on the last Saturday of February, enjoy it with spouse, lover or friends, and good food, and relive the special circumstances under which you acquired it.

The column they write with readers' stories about their OTBN bottle is always the best of the year, as the stories are invariably uplifting, and it's always fun to hear about what food was served and whether the wine was still good (some of these bottles are a little past their prime).

As for me, I've got a couple of good candidates, including one from our Monte Carlo trip in 1985. Time to empty that sucker!

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