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Monday, April 23, 2007


Idol Thoughts

There is joy in Mudville. Sanjaya was finally voted off the Idol. Now we can proceed in peace to the ultimate showdown between Melinda and Jordin.


Also, the Apprentice finale was anticlimactic, since it was fairly obvious that Stefanie was the least incompetent of the four remaining finalists. However, regardless of the fact that the ratings probably don't justify another season, The Donald has to be questioning if this is really the way to hire a six figure employee. I don't think a good choice was really available to him, once Heidi bit the dust.


I'm not blogging about the world tonight, which is generally a mess as I write this. So this post is likely to be short. What can you say about Iraq until we see if this troop surge is going to make any difference? What can you say about Democrats in Congress who are so foolish, they almost make Republicans look human? What is there to say about Governor Corzine, who, along with the rest of his ilk, prescribes seat belts for the rest of us (which only makes sense), but apparently believes that law does not apply to him? How about the student loan scandal, where colleges grossly overcharge, then collude with lenders to profit from student loans. Etc., etc., etc.

Thank goodness for baseball season. I can always watch my excellent Mets with the most exciting player in baseball (Jose Reyes) and even the Stinkees with their awful pitching staff, and one man wrecking crew - A-Rod. Of course, after he breaks every April batting record, A-Rod could go oh - for - May.

So, I'll close with two great lines I read/heard recently. The first is the story about how Jackie Robinson received threats that he would be shot if he took the field in Cincinnati. So Manager Shotton called a team meeting and told the players there would be security in the stands, hopefully preventing the threatened assassination. So outfielder Gene Hermanski suggested that all of the Dodgers wear #42 that day. "That way, the killer would not know which player to shoot at." Even Jackie had to laugh at that one.

The other was by Rich Little the other night at the White House Correspondents Dinner televised by C-Span. Using the voice of Johnny Carson, he told the story of a ticked off fellow, entering a large reception and shouting that "All lawyers are assholes! All of them! Assholes!" Whereupon one of of the guests put up his hand and said that he resented that comment. "Oh are you a lawyer?" asked the irate fellow. "No Sir," responded the guest. "I'm an asshole."


On Wednesday, I sold 200 shares of BMET at 43.15 from the taxable account. 100 were purchased on 1/9/06 at 36.36, the other 100 for 37.10 on 5/1/06. And yes, that was a blunder, not waiting a couple more weeks for the second hundred to go long term. Especially since this stock is being bought out at 44. Discount brokers charge more for handling tendered shares than they charge for selling them, though. So that's why I closed out the position. Should have checked the purchase dates first.


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