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Monday, January 15, 2007


Florida Bound

Item - Carter Center Advisers Resign - 14 board members resigned over Carter's new book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, restoring my faith in human nature and my own sanity.


Very exciting playoff games this week. The hardest game to watch was San Diego winning the physical battle on the field, but mentally losing the game to New England. A seemingless endless series of dumb mistakes, idiotic penalties and absurd play calling by the Chargers served as a reminder of why Bill B. gets to the big game so often and Marty Shottenheimer never does. How LT doesn't get the ball when the Chargers can go ahead late in the fourth quarter is beyond me.

The two games next week are just about uncallable. But I would have to give the slightest edge to Indy and New Orleans. Very slight.


Watching Meet the Press this morning, and hearing Senator Lieberman make so much sense on Iraq and Senator Dodd prescribing a strategy for defeat was certainly interesting. Not that the new Bush strategy is any great revelation, but we are not getting anywhere if we follow the Democrats' "non-Plan." And by the way, on behalf of my fellow registered Republicans, we would love to trade Nebraska Senator Hagel for Senator Lieberman straight up. We'll even throw in a Senator to be named later.


I am off to St. Petersburg tomorrow for the rest of the week and then to the Florida East Coast for the weekend. So redwavemusings readers can look forward to a new mini-travelogue next week. I am bringing lots to read and my desert island cd's, necessary for winter air travel when extended delays can come with little warning. Luckily, my next quarterly NAIC Meeting is in NY so that's one less major trip this year.


On 1/10, I bought 1900 shares of WLVT (formerly WLV) for the taxable account at 1.08. More averaging down in this stock, that had to give up its Big Board status because of shrinking market cap and move to the dreaded pink sheets. There was a time when pink sheet status was an automatic disqualification from my buy list, but then came CNRD and I (luckily) discarded that rule.

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