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Monday, December 11, 2006


San Antonio Musings

In an illustration of the miracle of modern electronics, this blog entry is being made from San Antonio, TX. Actually, the real miracle is that I remembered the blog's URL and Password. The true miracle will be if I can finish this post (and proof read it) before the 22 minutes left on my time card runs out.

San Antonio is a really great town to visit, and I suspect, a pretty nice area to live in as well. The downtown Riverwalk area is as delightful as advertised, featuring terrific restuarants bars, some music and other attractions. The RiverCenter Mall and the Alamo are each a short walk away. Today, I was able to visit the Alamo during a little break between meetings.

Of course getting here from the New York Metro area is no picnic, since there seem to be no direct flights.

The people in this town have to deal with a lot of tourism, and like New Yorkers, they handle it very well, being unobtrusive and certainly non-threatening. A large segment of the population is Mexican American and there seems to be little tension that I can detect resulting from the city's admirable diversity. This city is a Mexican food addict's dream come true, by the way.

All in all, it has been a very nice visit, though I am certainly ready to return home tomorrow.


Watching the Cowboys take a licking last night, and also observing the continuing problems of the Colts and Patriots makes you wonder how anybody ever hopes to figure the NFL out. Right now, a Super Bowl featuring San Diego vs Chicago would seem to be the chalk play, but my opinion on that could easily change after next week's games.


One of the perils when you travel is not knowing what time it is. Landing in Memphis for my connection, I either missed the customary announcement concerning the local time or they didn't make one. After checking my watch and perceiving that I had 15 minutes to make what should have been a routine connection, I raced from Gate B4 to B39, only to find that we were on CST and there was about 40 minutes before the plane to San Antonio would board. So when you land, the rule should be, turn your cell phone on and look at that to get the time since it adjusts for time zones. Doing so can reduce one's coronary risk as it may obviate the need for a mad sprint through the airport terminal. More useful info, courtesy of redwavemusings and bloggers everywhere.


I have stock trades to report but I will catch up on them on the next post, which should be from the home computer. As you can see we are now over 100 visits to the site, (I don't believe that anything close to 13 of them are mine) but still no comments recently.

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