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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Back Home Again

Sorry for the long delay between posts. It was 8 nights away from home, 5 in St. Lou, and 3 in Richmond.

I hadn't been to St. Louis in over 25 years. Frankly, it was unrecognizable. I remembered a kind of cosmopolitan, busy urban center. Now. it's a homeless shelter. Well, not that bad, but there is no real shopping or commerce, and most of the folks out in daylight look like they have nothing to do. There is some awakening at lunch, then again at 1:30 in the AM, when the kids hit the bars as they do in every city. But mostly, there is no traffic, no action, no pedestrians, no nothing.

Surprisingly, this is a gambling city. There are at least four steamboat casinos, though in varying degrees of seediness. As per normal, a lot of the people gambling have no business doing so as they are broke, disabled, etc. But I did enjoy playing hold 'em in a casino for the first time.

Also, there are three pretty good bar areas. Near Busch Stadium are several bars, two with excellent blues bands (live). Then there is the Landing, with cobblestone streets (not good for my ankle it turns out), and bars on both sides, very busy. Finally, downtown, north of Tucker is another set of more upscale bars catering to the younger yuppies.

To give credit where it's due, the town is really trying. Everyone seeems to know which conventions are in town, and they make every effort to make you feel welcome and important. The hotel staffs are very solicitous. The Metro, which will take you downtown from the airport for only $3.50 is very pleasant, fast and the best transportation to the airport for the able-bodied of any I have seen around the country.

But this town has a long way to go. The people are great, and I hope they get there.


Top 10 List of Esoterica - Cuisines I love

1. Cajun/Creole - Pining for Pascal's Manale
2. Italian - Spicy Seafood Pasta or Veal is the order
3. Spanish - Paella's the best, Jerry, the best
4. Morrocan - The good stuff that's French style, without the arrogance
5. Indian - Bring those spices on
6. American Steakhouse - Filet is my order, thanks
7. American Barbecue - Pulled Pork anyone?
8. Szechuan - Spices even make bean curd taste great
9. Mexican - Chicken Tortilla soup for starters
10. Brazilian Steakhouse - Keep it comin'

Dishonorable mention - Japanese, Thai, Greek, Kosher

On 9/5, I sold 200 shares of PQ at 12.22, originally purschased at 4.93 in my taxable account in July of 2004. Your welcome, Uncle Sam. On 9/6, I sold 200 shares of BAMM out of my IRA at 16.17. 100 were purchased on 1/2/01 for 1.4375; the other 100 were bought on 5/10/02 for 3.65. On 9/15 I bought 50 ITW for the taxable account at 44.50 and 100 PWI for the IRA at 28.34.

The blog does not provide investment advice. nor am I an investment advisor. The transactions are merely recorded here for reader interest and entertainment.

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