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Thursday, August 31, 2006


The Independent Joe Lieberman

We had a discussion today about whether to contribute any PAC money to Senator Lieberman. It was clear that hard nosed D's bear the Senator ill will for staying in the race as an Independent. I think this is pretty short sighted and unreasonable. It's one thing for the Dems to endorse the primary winner as most have. It's another to say that the Senator is out of line to try to keep his seat and should not run in the general. The fact is that I expect him to be re-elected. More to the point, why should the primary, in which R's and I's can not vote, determine the seat in one party states like CT? Have northeastern blue states turned into 21st century versions of the old solid south?

A minority of eligible CT voters chose Lamont in the primary. Now let everybody get their vote. The D's are the first to throw around the "disenfranchised" charge all the time. Sidelining Joe would truly disenfranchise the many CT voters who were not eligible to vote in the primary.

What are the D's afraid of anyway? It's not as if the Senator is going to throw the election to a Republican.

The real worry the D's have is that, having all but expelled Senator Joe from the party, he may line up with the Republican caucus. I doubt it. It's a stretch to conceive of Joe crossing the aisle. As for sitting out the caucuses, as Jeffords has, I don't think there's much percentage in being a loner, and Lieberman is a politician, not merely an idealist.

One possibility, though, is that if he perceives the D's trying to unfairly sabotage his run, he may take the most politically expedient route and line up with whatever party ends up in the majority. From that position, he will be able to accomplish the most for CT.


Top Ten List of Esoterica


1. Jimi Hendrix - Technique, Skill, Soul and Originality - he had it all
2. Wes Montgomery - First jazz guitar superstar
3. Pat Martino - Clean technique at warp speed, Wes' descendent
4. Mark Knopfler - Mr. Dire Straits, Best rock guitar of his era
5. Eric Clapton - Brought true blues to rock
6. Barney Kessel - The Be-Boppers guitar of choice
7. Charley Christian - Jazz Guitar pioneer
8. Tom Scholz and Barry Goudreau - Boston's double lead
9. Peter White - the Soft Jazz guitar man
10. Les Paul - 90+ and still working

Honorable mention - Neil Young, George Benson, Ritchie Havens, Paul McCartney

On 8/28, I bought 100 shares of PWI for my IRA at 30.65. I sold 200 shares of PLFE out of my taxable account at 22.85. 166 of those were purchased on 5/22/2000 at 14.75, 34 were purchased on 11/8/2000 at 14.125. On 8/30, I sold 600 shares of CNRD from my IRA at 3.95. 100 of those were purchased at 2.12 on 3/21/05 and 500 at 1.55 on 4/11/05.

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