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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Back from Vacation

Somehow it doesn't seem right to just jump from the golf course and the beach right back into depressing geopolitics or the silliness of the campaigns piting Dummycrats against each other and against Republobates. It's too easy to wow the public by predicting a US upset victory in the Ryder Cup, despite qualifying four rookies. So instead, I thought I would begin a new feature based on Stan Isaacs' old annual column - his top ten lists of esoterica.

Stan was a Newsday sports columnist and editor, now in well deserved retirement. His lists of esoterica would include things like his favorite ice creams, TV shows, etc. It was always fun and usually attracted some pretty clever lists from "alert" readers. So while whiling away the hours baking on the beaches of Fenwick Island, between horseshoe games and the arrival of happy hour(s), it's fun to think about what might be your ten favorite whatever's (not necessarity best, just favorite). For example, I'm reading a book about all the great jazz players and that leads to the question - what's the top ten list of American composers? Ah, a good one!

1. George Gershwin - No brainer
2. Duke Ellington - Versatile genius
3. Hoagy Carmichael - Much more than Stardust, Georgia
4. Richard Rogers - Even better with Hart than Hammerstein
5. Harold Arlen - Over the Rainbow and more
6. Leonard Bernstein - On the Town, West Side Story
7. Thelonius Monk - A unique songbook
8. Cole Porter - Big part of the Sinatra book
9. Bob Dylan - Bet you thought I'd forget
10. Irving Berlin - Overrated, but too many great ones to leave out

Honorable mention - Sammy Cahn, Frank Loesser, Carole King, Smokey Robinson

And how about this one - Favorite Third Basemen:

1. Brooks Robinson
2. Ken Boyer
3. Ed Matthews
4. David Wright
5. Mike Schmidt
6. Harmon Killebrew
7. Howard Johnson
8. Frank Malzone (great name!)
9. Richie Allen (started as a 3rd baseman)
10. Pete Rose (played everywhere)
List subject to revision - comments welcome
More to come

On 8/14, I bought 2200 shares of CDIC for my IRA at 0.93. On the same day, I sold 600 shares of CNRD out of my IRA at 3.75. These shares were purchased on 3/21/05 at 2.22. On 8/21, I sold 200 shares of BAMM from my IRA at 15.65. The shares were purchased on 1/2/01 at 1.4375.

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