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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Thoughts on the Weekend

They loved the World Cup result in GC where the town is still roughly 50% Italian. Both School and Glen Streets quickly became impassable and the Italian colors were waved proudly. Frankly, I wasn't interested in seeing the Frogs win, though deciding the tournament on penalty kicks was absolutely in keeping with the spirit of the tournament and rather unsatisfying. The winning goal should have been earlier but the Italians were ruled offside (probably about 6 inches offside). Can there be anyone who doesn't agree with me (see my earlier post on this subject) that the offside rule is ruining the game?


Today's terrorist attack in India is just one more example that this is a sickness, and not merely some manifestation (as if it could be justified) of anti-Americanism. It's amazing how many still don't see it. You read the letters to the editor, and just shake your head. Yes, folks, we are at war, and it may be a long one, lasting decades. The enemy is militant Islam. Their soldiers are not poverty's children - many emerge from middle class backgrounds. They are simply anarchists, savages, and misguided believers in a perverted form of their religion. This is a pseudo-fascist movement, and we might as well dig in and create hell on earth for them, or they will do it to us.


On a brighter note, Friday is Bastille Day when the French Revolutionaries stormed the prison and released political and other prisoners. Of course, after taking over the country, the freedom fighters began their own reign of terror, and eventually began to execute their own. Thus began a longstanding tradition of French foolishness that continues to this day, almost 220 years later, brilliantly parodied by Monty Python and many others. The comic relief would be side splitting if it didn't occasionally have real consequences for world affairs. The French have been useless in the War on Terror, and harbor a large Islamic population that bears an awful lot of watching, I'm afraid.


On Monday, I sold 100 shares of TMO at 36.03 out of my IRA. Originally, these were purchased at $39.25 in April of 1998.

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