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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, the most under-reported story of the year is finally filtering out, actually more like seeping out. And that is, that we HAVE been finding lots of WMD in Iraq, mostly in the form of now degraded mustard and sarin nerve agent. However, they may not have been so degraded at the time of the invasion, and we may have only scraped the tip of the iceberg. For some reason, the documentation of these discoveries have been classified and the highly politicized bureaucrats in the intelligence community have had no great urgency about letting the word out. The fair question is, are the reports true, and if so, why doesn't the President simply declassify them? These issues and questions were raised by Representative Hoekstra and Senator Santorum in an important op ed in yesterday's WSJ.


I wonder what the global warming crowd will be saying if the current hurricane season turns out to be a bust. I'm not predicting that, but it does seem to be that the followers of Al Gore have perfected this game of tails we win, heads you lose. Meanwhile, no matter what you read or hear, the scientific community is hardly unanimous that climate change has much to do with human activity. In fact, climate changes seem to be the rule throughout history, rather than the exception. In the last hundred years, there was a warming trend until about 1940, then a cooling trend until 1970 (remember the warnings about a future ice age?), and since then a moderate warming again. No one really knows why.


Only stock trade so far this week was on Monday, when I bought 100 shares for my IRA in FAST at 39.04. Today was an especially stinky day for the longs.

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