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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Short and Sweet

Tonight brings news of the busting of another terrorist cell, this time in Miami. The good guys will have to be awfully vigilant if we are to continue the 4+ year unscathed string.

Great article in the Journal this week concerning young thieves getting caught because they are tripping over their baggy, oversized, unbelted pants. In one case, the escaping delinquint tried to climb over a fence, but his falling pants got caught and he wound up hanging upside down when the police arrested him. Several basically apprehended in their underwear.

Also a great op ed today concerning Arab states' indifference to terror and the plight of the Iraqui Shia. Anybody who thought this would be easy was deluded. Anybody who thinks it's unnecessary is even more deluded.

It looks like the North Koreans have finally gone too far. Even the Russians and the Chinese are fed up. Their only defenders are the South Koreans of all people. Maybe they are thinking that once the country is unified, they can inherit the nukes. If N. Korea tests its missile, I am in favor of testing our defense system by trying to intercept it.

On a lighter note, two more dingers for David Wright today, as the MVP season continues. He now has 60 ribbies. Big win after Wagner's melt down (what, again!) last night.

One more stock transaction this week. Bought 100 LANC on yesterday's opening for $37.66.

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